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Everything needed for smart construction is in the platform of Meissa

Everything needed for smart construction is in the platform of Meissa

Smart construction considered to be difficult. With a single click, you can not only measure distance and area but design level comparison, overlay floor plans, and do 3D modeling on Meissa's platform.

Now, have an experience of smart construction.

All-in-One process only available in Meissa



Meissa Flight

product - Meissa Flight

Solution of controlling drone that can designate the flight path and do auto flight



Meissa Engine

product - Meissa Engine

Solution of analyzing image that creates required data on sites based on images collected by drones

Meissa engine Pix4D engine Metashpae engine


Meissa Platform

product - Meissa Platform

Solution of data utilizing that analyzes sites with 2D/3D modeling, floor plan·desigin level comparison, earth-volume calculation, and checking a cadastral map etc

Meissa Platform

A way to see construction sites more closely and widely

From a high resolution drone map, drone calculation, 3D mapping, GCP calculation using the best technology to customized inspection, calculation of area, section, volume, earthworks using maps.

You can use primary functions required for construction management at one place, Meissa.

Complicated communication can be done effectively in one place

Complicated communication can be done effectively in one place

There is no need to install any other complex program. Upload the situation of sites, and invite people. You can share and transmit information with various people so that you can communicate effectively in one platform of Meissa.

Sites that have used Meissa said as down below.

Hyundai Engineering

When we needed to use GCP via other services, it took much time and was inconvenient, but we were able to set GCP and analyze it altogether using Meissa's platform, which was very convenient.


Even we were using data analyzed via other company's engine, since it was compatible with Meissa, there was no need to hesitate to choose Meissa.

Hyundai E&C

The biggest strength of Meissa's platform might be easy and convenient UI. Plus, it was better to be able to use Pix4D engine as well.


Meissa's understanding of drone and smart construction was the highest. When we considered digitalization of construction data in a long term, Meissa was the best partner.

Daelim Construction

Since there is an auto flight drone application available, there is nothing much for me to learn. As the contract can be made per site, it was nice to introduce it gradually without a burden of cost.

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